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My name is Brian King and for the past four years it’s been a privilege to represent House District 28 in the Utah State Legislature. I'm running in 2012 to ensure that the interests of the people in District 28 are represented by an experienced, knowledgeable, and established advocate. My wife Alison and I have lived in the district for 26 years and we have loved every minute of our time here! We have four daughters, three of whom are attending or have graduated from the University of Utah, and one is at East High School.

We face serious challenges in Utah. We are struggling to properly fund the most important investment we have: our public and higher education systems. For the sake of the welfare of both our children and our economic growth, it is essential that we do more to intelligently and creatively fund education at greater levels.

Brian King and Family

District 28 has first hand, unwanted experience recently with the problems created when we have our water quality damaged. Our future economic growth and development depend on, and require, clean air, pure water, and an environment that continues to attract people from the world over to play and work in Utah. It is our stewardship to ensure that the natural beauty of this state is enhanced and preserved, not developed as a part of get-rich-quick schemes.

The ability to get positive things done at the legislature, and to prevent poor ideas from being enacted into law, depends on the ability of your elected representatives to work productively with others. My commitment to you is that I'll actively seek out and support good public policies and speak out against bad ideas without attacking the individuals involved in the political process.
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My cell phone number is (801) 560-0769.


Brian S. King


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